Outfit of the Week

Did you know it was Bret Michaels look-a-like day? 🙂

Forever ago, Cass Miller tagged me in a “5 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me” post, and I wanted to participate but just never got around to it.
We’ve been a little distracted lately. But I thought it was time for some light-hearted fun on this blog… so here goes!

1. I hate wearing socks and almost never do. I just can’t handle having them on my feet. They make me feel claustrophobic.

2. I had a strong southern accent until my junior year of college. I was studying Broadcast Journalism, and one of my professors told me if I ever wanted to work above the Mason-Dixon line I had to lose the accent. So he worked with me, and I did pretty much lose it. I walked around for over a year thinking about every sound that came out of my mouth. It was completely ridiculous! And of course, now I wish I could get it back. Weird thing is, Kingston sometimes sounds like he has a pretty strong twang. 🙂 Like when he asks for “meelk.”

3. Contrary to popular opinion, my mouth is really, really small. One time I tasked Anderson with finding us a new dentist, because our current one had the biggest hands and almost choked me to death EVERYTIME. So he was like, “What do I do call the office and ask how big the doctor’s hands are? That won’t be weird!” Yes. That’s what I had in mind. Sounded perfectly logical to me.

4. I absolutely cannot stand chick flicks and am never in the mood to watch a romantic comedy. They’re just so predictable, and boring, and nothing at all like real life. What can I say? I prefer realistic movies like, James Bond and The Bourne Series. 🙂

5. I pretty much cried every day of kindergarten. In my defense, my teacher was a witch. Why would a mean woman want to teach kindergarten?

I’m tagging Jen, Annie, Wynne, Taryn and anyone else who wants to join in the immature fun. 🙂
One of Anderson’s brothers is in town with his cute little family all week, so we’re having the best time!!!