Outfit of the Week

Did you know it was Bret Michaels look-a-like day? 🙂 Forever ago, Cass Miller tagged me in a “5 Things You Probably Don’t Know About…

Did you know it was Bret Michaels look-a-like day? 🙂

Forever ago, Cass Miller tagged me in a “5 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me” post, and I wanted to participate but just never got around to it.
We’ve been a little distracted lately. But I thought it was time for some light-hearted fun on this blog… so here goes!

1. I hate wearing socks and almost never do. I just can’t handle having them on my feet. They make me feel claustrophobic.

2. I had a strong southern accent until my junior year of college. I was studying Broadcast Journalism, and one of my professors told me if I ever wanted to work above the Mason-Dixon line I had to lose the accent. So he worked with me, and I did pretty much lose it. I walked around for over a year thinking about every sound that came out of my mouth. It was completely ridiculous! And of course, now I wish I could get it back. Weird thing is, Kingston sometimes sounds like he has a pretty strong twang. 🙂 Like when he asks for “meelk.”

3. Contrary to popular opinion, my mouth is really, really small. One time I tasked Anderson with finding us a new dentist, because our current one had the biggest hands and almost choked me to death EVERYTIME. So he was like, “What do I do call the office and ask how big the doctor’s hands are? That won’t be weird!” Yes. That’s what I had in mind. Sounded perfectly logical to me.

4. I absolutely cannot stand chick flicks and am never in the mood to watch a romantic comedy. They’re just so predictable, and boring, and nothing at all like real life. What can I say? I prefer realistic movies like, James Bond and The Bourne Series. 🙂

5. I pretty much cried every day of kindergarten. In my defense, my teacher was a witch. Why would a mean woman want to teach kindergarten?

I’m tagging Jen, Annie, Wynne, Taryn and anyone else who wants to join in the immature fun. 🙂
One of Anderson’s brothers is in town with his cute little family all week, so we’re having the best time!!!


  1. I cannot fathom wanting to lose your southern accent! But I suppose if you were going to be on TV you wouldn’t want to sound like the rednecks they interview when a tordado hits town! HA!

    And…the dentist…SO FUNNY! I’d like to hear Anderson calling to ask about the dentists hands!

    No chick flicks??? Sister…Steele Magnolias?!?!?!! OH NO! Can we still be friends if that’s my favorite movie of ALL TIME! I do love me some Tommy BOy too if that helps! 😉

    Y’all have fun with Andersons family!

    I’ll play along—when I can think up 5 facts! 😉

    I’m glad to hear some sunshine in your ‘voice’ this week! I’ve missed you!

    1. You are seriously one of my favorite people!!! I guess I’ll watch Steel Magnolia’s with you if you’ll watch Die Hard with me. 🙂 And I’m pretty sure there was a major college-induced identity crisis going on with the accent thing!

  2. I love how you’re channeling Bret Michaels in these pics. I could relate to a lot of your five things, my mouth is also really small (hubby never gets tired of making jokes about it), also hate chick flicks and although I never had a southern accent, I had to lose ALL traces of any accents when I became an actress. Now I have what’s called a non-regional dialect (umm, ok), for what it’s worth! I really enjoyed this post and your outfit!

  3. Love your cute outfit, especially your headwrap/headband! And thanks for sharing this, this was fun reading your 5 things! And #5 cracked me up!


  4. I’m tagged! How fun! I’m with you on the chick flicks – every once in a while I get an itch to watch one but typically I’m a Prison Break, 24, Ocean’s 11 type of girl. And I used to have a thick northern accent – living with a Canadian and someone from the Iron Range (MN) caused that. I remember coming home and having high school friends look at me like I was nutty. And I love the headband!!