Outfit of the Week

Top, Jeans, Scarf and Shoes: Target
Blazer: H&M

People listening to or watching us take these pictures every week would think we were crazy. Anderson tries to direct me and is crouched on the ground or up above me trying to get a good angle. Apparently it’s A LOT of work to catch me at a good angle. 🙂 And I’m constantly telling him that I don’t want to be looking right into the camera, but every time I try to look away the pictures are hilarious. Like in a “no one will every see these” way. I usually look mad or just really weird. A model, I am not! So I always end up posting the pics of myself cheesing for the camera. And this week only two of those worked. Out of like 25. It was also one of those days where I looked at the pictures later, and said, “Ugh!” I thought this outfit looked a lot different when I left the house”.

Oh, and no that’s not a baby bump. Bloated maybe? I don’t know… it’s January. 🙂
We’ll try this again next week!

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