NYC via Cell Phone Pics

Happy Monday! In case you don’t follow either of us on Instagram and aren’t sick of our NYC pics yet… here are a few favorites from our cell phones.
I’ll post the “real camera” pics and some of our favorite/least favorite things to do in the city later this week.

Did you hear about the bomb in the Jacksonville airport last Tuesday night? Yeah. It caused the airport to shut down, our direct flight to be cancelled, leaving us to run through the ATL airport to barely catch a connecting plane with two seats left… on the back row next to the stinky bathroom. But Anderson told our flight attendant that he loves the Delta cookies and got off the plane with 20 packs of cookies. Made the situation a little better. 🙂

Anderson really wanted to see the 911 Memorial, and I’m so glad we went. I didn’t expect to get all teary-eyed, but couldn’t help thinking about the families each named represented as I touched the engraving.

Two words: Doughnut Plant. This place totally lived up to the hype. You must go! And you must order the coconut creme.

I should mention that we went to the city to eat this time. Seriously. That was our plan. So if you’re disgusted by gluttony skip all my NYC posts this week.

We checked out the Brooklyn Flea on Saturday morning and were totally disappointed.
But then we happened on a “yard sale” in the neighborhood and that made up for it!

Walking the Brooklyn Bridge. It was so hot that none of the clothes I brought were cool enough during the day. You know I was thrilled. 🙂

Eating at Ipanema… a great Brazilian restaurant in Mid Town. And a cool shot from Anderson’s phone.

Me on the High Line. And an old building I spotted from it.

One of the things I love about NYC: all the stylish older ladies. This one was one of my favorites. Isn’t she cute? 🙂
Any yeah. More food. We stopped for gelato on our way back to the hotel one night.

Anderson at the Apple cube thingy. And The Mall in Central Park. Another favorite spot!

Anderson loves Times Square. I hate Times Square. There we are on our way to dinner one night. Can you tell I’m a bit uncomfortable? Ha! That many people in a small space is not what I call a good time!

Grimaldi’s is our favorite pizza place. And we think the view of Manhattan from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade is pretty amazing!

This was our first trip to Washington Square Park, and we were like, “Why haven’t we come here before?!” It was one of our favorite spots.
Here’s a little video we made there. Can’t figure out why the sound doesn’t work. 🙁

Shake Shack. The mushroom burger is amazing if you don’t do the whole meat thing. It’s stuffed with cheese.

Stopped at Magnolia’s because we were on the UWS one afternoon. I had a cupcake, because I’m predictable. It was okay. Anderson said the caramel cheesecake changed his life. So I guess get the cheesecake if you happen to walk by.

This hot guy was just sitting there on those steps in Brooklyn. I had to take a pic! Okay, listen closely: next time you go to NYC you must visit Momofuku Milk Bar. You must. There are several locations around the city. You have no excuse for not stopping in and ordering the crack pie. You will thank me later.

The Garment District fascinates me – all those fabric stores, and the random racks of clothes on the street!
We love the subway. As soon as we get to the city I adopt the “aloof subway rider face.” You know the one: look straight ahead with a blank stare, because you’re a pro and nothing crazy that happens in that car surprises you. Anderson is way too excited for that face.
He’s basically Buddy the Elf the whole time we’re there.

Deserted subway on Saturday morning.
And we like to ride back through the city to get to the airport on our way home. It takes longer, but is so worth it to see everything one more time.
I took that last pic out the cab window.