Mall Santa

The other night we went to the mall to pick up some stuff from H&M. Basically, Anderson was having an “I have NOTHING to wear moment,” so we had to fix that. We got Kingston one of those car carts to drive and walked quickly past the line to meet Santa. As we were passing the miserable looking parents and kids waiting in the longest line ever we were kinda like, “Why?” We did tell Kingston to wave to Santa as we passed though. (Side note: We’re basically jerks who refuse to wait in long lines for things like that. Our kid will no doubt have a joyless childhood and probably not make it to Disney until he’s 17… even though we live 2 hours away.) I mean, we did get him the cart thing to drive though! 😉

Later after we had made an attempt at helping Anderson’s sad closet, we passed the Santa line again. And we couldn’t believe what we saw. There was only one family waiting. ONE! Of course it was 9:00pm and most of the other preschoolers in town were tucked in bed, but still. No wait for Santa! We were like, “Kingston, it’s a Christmas miracle! You get to meet Santa.” Anderson said we should just take a picture with our phones, and I agreed. We were so not going to buy those pictures. Then we marched up, a weird elf tried to put Kingston in Santa’s lap, he freaked out, the elf snapped some pictures, Kingston got peanut butter M&Ms (how did Santa know?!?), and we were finished. I don’t think we even told Santa what to bring to our house. (It doesn’t matter, because every time we ask Kingston what he wants for Christmas he says, “I don’t need anything.” He’s so my kid!)

Then it was time to look at the pictures. I thought we’d get a good laugh and be finished with the whole magical experience. Nope. We walked out of that mall with the cd of ALL the digital images. Suckers.

Mall Santa 1. Almeidas 0.