Good. Not-So-Good.


– Laughing with my family (and taking silly pictures) while we wandered around Jax Beach Saturday night.

– A sweet letter from a lady named Gladys. She’s my childhood BFF’s grandmother and has been battling cancer for several years. Mrs. Gladys wrote to let me know that she prays for me everyday. 🙂

– Kingston is learning how to divert a conversation when he’s getting in trouble. Or say something really funny at just the right time. When one of us is getting after him for something, He looks at us like he’s really concerned and says, “Mamma/Dadda, are you happy?” It makes me so mad, but I always end up laughing. We are in serious trouble, people. But for now, it’s welcome entertainment!

– This song: “Give Me Faith” is amazing. I’ve listened to it about 38 times in the last couple days. The words are powerful, and they are my prayer this week. Turn it up and pretend no one’s around. Go ahead. Your cubicle is soundproof, right?!

– I realized the other day that I’m really not too concerned with what people think about me. I’m a pretty reserved person and have always cared a lot about how people saw me, but I just don’t anymore. Not in a cocky way, but more like that crazy aunt that everyone has. The one who always says/does things that give everyone else in the family second-hand embarrassment. I’m becoming that lady. And it’s fun!

– Kingston loves to pretend he’s talking on the phone. He walks around with it up to his ear saying (in a total redneck meets valley-girl voice), “Hey! This is Lyndsay Almeida” over and over. For the record, I do not sound like that. Anderson says I do, but he’s wrong.

– I don’t remember the last time I filled my car up with gas. It’s such a small thing, but I hate doing it. No idea why. I’m just glad someone does it for me!

– The older I get the harder I sleep. I can seriously sleep through anything right now. I looked out the window one morning and asked Anderson if it had rained. He was like, “Are you serious? I was up half the night. How did you sleep through that storm?” It’s a gift!

– I was chatting with two girlfriends last week while one of them made us homemade cinnamon rolls. One of the girls mentioned that her Nana always drinks coffee with dessert, because she once read, in a forwarded email, that the heat helps burn off the fat from her dessert. So there you have it folks! Call Dr. Oz. We have the secret to staying skinny! And it was in a forwarded email. Imagine that!


– I just dropped a birth control pill down the drain. Crap.