Good. Not So Good.

– My child loves to hang out in the play area at Chick-fil-A. What he doesn’t like is leaving. This gets a little embarrassing when one of his parents (Anderson, duh!) is forced to climb up the slide to get our obedient child out. And it only gets more embarrassing when that parent sings, “Who wants some ice cream?” the whole time he’s in the slide. The other parents give us the side glance because obviously a.) They don’t like the weirdo playing on the slide while asking kids if they want ice cream b.) They think we’re the worst parents, because our kid doesn’t listen AND he gets rewarded for it with ice cream.

– I carry an old-school planner with me absolutely everywhere. Anderson can’t understand why I don’t just put everything on my phone, but it just isn’t the same to me. I need to write things down. Plus, what if I lose my phone? I prefer to keep everything in a messy notebook that I’m actually much more likely to lose. And the other day I spilled an entire bottle of water in my bag. It didn’t mix well with the pencil covered pages of my planner. ๐Ÿ™ Maybe he’s right, but I’m too old to switch over!

– My Brazilian husband is FULL of southern blasphemy. His most recent offense was the other night when I made creamed corn, and he said, “I don’t think I like this stuff. Must be a southern thing.” Then he ate it. And went back for seconds. And took the left-over for lunch the next day. Yeah, he doesn’t like it. I have no idea why the man is so reluctant to just admit we have a pretty decent food thing going on down here. I mean! If he doesn’t stop I’m going to start buying all those plaques and wall signs that say things about sweet tea, front porches and “y’all.” Watch me.

– Kingston pointed to an older lady sitting near us in a restaurant and said, “Why she wearing a bib?” She had a napkin tucked in her collar. He was so confused.

– Over the weekend we went out to dinner two nights in a row. (Yes, we all know I don’t cook on the weekends.) The first night we drove away from the restaurant and Anderson’s wallet flew off the roof of the car into the road. The second night we were on our way home when Anderson called me. He was sitting right next to me, so I was confused until our server said, “Hey I think you left your phone in the booth!” This guy.

– Thanks to the Disney Cars movies, my toddler has started saying, “Dadgumit.” Classy.

– Anderson and I went to a movie! I had to stop at the bathroom before we went into the theater. There’s just something about going into a theater that makes me have to pee. Anderson went ahead to get seats, so when I left the bathroom and went in the theater I was totally confused that the movie had already started. Then I realized I was hearing the part where they explain the whole movie. I was in the wrong theater! So I ran out with my fingers in my ears saying, “No, no, no!” It was a close one.


– Sitting in the driveway after dinner until it gets completely dark outside. SUMMER!

This post. It’s a letter to the North American Church. I read it through tears, mostly tears of conviction. When I came across the post (someone shared it on Facebook, naturally) I had been praying forย  a few days that God would show me a tangible way to give more. He has blessed us beyond our imagination. We can’t explain it! And because of how much we’ve been given, I want us to give more. The words and pictures in the post above prompted me to want to sponsor a child (among other things). I’ve always wanted to do it and have no explanation for why I haven’t. It’s actually such a small gesture. Honestly we could probably sponsor ten children, but we’ll start with one!

– Speaking of being blessed: We were eating outside at one of our favorite Jax Beach hole-in-the-wall spots the other night when our server came over and told us a couple inside wanted to pay for our dinner. When we went inside to scope things out it was a friend I grew up with and her sweet husband. It was such a fun surprise and totally made our night! (I’m looking at you Steph!)

– Having a great excuse every time I forget something, make a dumb mistake. “Oh, I’m sorry! It’s the brain tumor.” That’s awful isn’t it? Hope no one is offended. Actually I don’t really care. That’s the tumor’s fault too. ๐Ÿ™‚

– Whoever posted this insanity on Facebook. Thank you, thank you! I can’t stop watching.