Good. Not So Good.


– Some of our friends got married this weekend and threw a great party! We (and the rest of the crazy guests) had a blast on the dance floor. 🙂 And they ended the night with an old-school ice cream truck!

– Kingston and I were cuddling on the couch one morning watching cartoons (we sit and talk while he drinks his milk every morning then turn on the tv) when Anderson came in the back door. We were surprised, because he was supposed to be at work. The surprise got even better when we realized he’s been to the store and was going to make us breakfast! A main water line broke downtown, and his office building was closed, so he had to work from home. We didn’t mind it at all.


– Coming home and thinking, for one horrific second, that our house was robbed and ransacked. Then realizing (with relief) that nope. We’re just slobs.

– I looked out our front window one afternoon and thought it was weird that the neighbors had a car in their driveway that looked just like Anderson’s. Then it hit me. That car looked JUST LIKE Anderson’s car. I sent Kingston into the garage to make sure both cars were there. No. The Mini Cooper was missing. Anderson was playing guitar and had no idea what was going on until I frantically yelled for him to go get his car. It had backed down our driveway, across the road, and parked almost perfectly in the neighbor’s driveway. Thankfully it missed two mailboxes. And it’s only happened again once. Also, this is how you know your husband is completely stressed out and can’t remember to put his parking break on. The man needs a nap.

– Chapped lips. Help! My lips have been so dry/chapped for about a month. I’ve tried everything – Chapstick, Vaseline, coconut oil… any ideas?

– Sometimes Kingston says, “I don’t like you.” And just as I’m about to tell him how rude that is he’ll say, “But I LOVE YOU!” in his best game show host voice. Some days I sit and explain that it’s not really nice to say that. And some days I just look at him and say, “Yeah. Same here.”

– I cannot stand seagulls. Every since that fateful day during college when I got pooped on twice in one afternoon. I guess I should hate the lame tourists who were feeding the birds Cheetos, but anyway…  a few weeks ago we were at the beach playing and I was minding my own biz eating some carrot sticks when a bunch of seagulls swarmed me. And one of the brave ones snatched a carrot right out of my hand and bit my finger in the process! We are now mortal enemies. Me and all the birds.

– Why do smoke detector batteries only die in the middle of the night? Every single time.

– We’re still doing the clean eating thing at home. And I burnt some asparagus the other night. No news there! It could be the lack of meat in my diet, but I swear that burnt asparagus tasted a little like bacon. Maybe don’t try it on purpose. But if you accidentally burn things on a regular basis, (like me) give this one a try before you throw it away!

– Last week I read this deep, emotional article that a mom wrote to her future daughter-in-law. It was sweet, but all I could think about was how short the letter would be if I wrote one to my future daughter-in-law. Mine would just say, “I’m really sorry.”