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We made a video this week and had the opportunity to share it at church today. “We” meaning Anderson did all the work and I…

We made a video this week and had the opportunity to share it at church today. “We” meaning Anderson did all the work and I just BLAH BLAH BLAHHHHED on camera. I have to admit that watching myself on camera in a group is pretty much a nightmare. But. We really do believe that God wants us to use every opportunity we have to share our experiences with others. So here ya go!

In All Circumstances. (The Almeidas-2013) from Anderson Almeida on Vimeo.

PS – The song is Oceans by Hillsong.
If you want to read more details about our journey this year, just click on the link right below here that says “faith.”


  1. Boogers! It’s having “playback issues” so I’ll have to keep trying to see the entire video. What I HAVE seen, tho’, is touching my heart. Thank you for opening your lives to the rest of us. I love you all the more for it. *smooches* Lil’ cousin.

    You caught me by surprise with one thing, Lyndsay… where’s your accent, girl?! You sound like ME!

  2. God is good and is using you as a great teacher. You may not consider yourself as one but this video was EXACTLY what I needed today. Thank you for being a beacon for his grace and mercy and reminding me (when I need it the least) he blesses us, refines us and continually makes us refined gold. I am bookmarking this video as a reminder of his mercy and love! Leah Sipprell

  3. Love! Thanks for sharing! Trials are so hard but God so often revels himself most powerfully in those times-as you have discovered. By sharing your struggle you will undoubtedly encourage many others!

  4. wow! through the tears I am thanking MY Lord and Savior for giving me you. I am so proud of the way You and Anderson have been so real about sharing your trust in Jesus to see you through it all.

  5. Girl – Im in tears. You never cease to amaze me with your honesty, love and positive attitude. I am so grateful to know you. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Oh I got chills! Thanks sooo much for sharing.
    We did the same thing with tithing. My husband had just started going to church. He decided to start giving 10% of our first fruits and within a week or two, we BOTH got bonuses at work. God really does reward (not always monetarily!) those who are faithful.
    Micah 7:7 is great. That’s not a book I normally reference at all. Great verse to hold onto.
    “Either I trust Him with everything or I don’t.”

    I’m so glad you guys have each other. Without a strong foundation at home, those challenges are even harder. You need someone to remind you that God is there sometimes.

    Thanks so much for sharing!! And sorry for going on and on. I pray that your circumstances only get better!

    1. Bethany, Thank you for sharing that! It’s always so encouraging to hear what God has done for other people. And you’re right… blessings are not always monetary, but he will definitely take care of us no matter what!!

  7. Tears.

    Such an inspiring and uplifting story. You’re so right blessings and refinement go together. I’m so thankful to have found your blog, stumbled upon your work. You’re truly an inspiration. Thanks for sharing your story.

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