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Okay, let’s be honest for a minute. Do you carry your big ‘ole DSLR camera around in your purse? I do. All the time. I…


Okay, let’s be honest for a minute.
Do you carry your big ‘ole DSLR camera around in your purse?
I do. All the time.
I know. It’s terrible. Especially with all the random stuff that ends up in my purse.

I’ve had a great lens bag for about 4 years that I always take to photo-shoots. But I really like to take my camera with me everywhere, and the lens bag just wasn’t practical for that. I wasn’t going to drag my kid, purse, diaper bag, AND a lens bag out to the beach or a family dinner. So my solution was to just throw the camera in my purse. (Don’t do this y’all. It’s bad for your camera!)

Then Epiphanie Bags sent me the perfect camera bag. Seriously. I love it! I picked the Lyric Bag in Mustard, because… it’s mustard! And I consider mustard a neutral. 🙂 It also has a gorgeous braided strap. Now I can throw my wallet in this bag with my camera, and I’m ready to go out with my family. And I don’t look like a crazy paparazzi mom carrying my big dorky lens bag, because this just looks like my purse.

I love the bag so much that I’m giving away a $50 gift certificate to Epiphanie Bags! Put it towards the perfect Christmas present for the photographer in your life… or just treat yourself to one. 🙂 There are several ways to enter below!

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  1. ooooo that Lyric Bag in mustard screams Happy photos! Love it! Love it! Love it! My Canon 40D would love to be hangin out in that cuteness!!

  2. I hate clothes shopping, just stresses me out. But, I’ve found I love jewelry and purses. My stress free whay to have some fashion in my life. Love it!!

  3. I’d go for the Stella bag or Belle, if I still had a DSLR. However, I know the perfect person this would be a great gift for!
    I love how your bag looks with that outfit, too!

  4. AH I’ve been looking for a camera bag for a loooooooong time, but never thought they made them as beautiful as this! I fell in love with the Charlotte bag in burnt orange. It’s big, it’s a satchel, and it has a pocket dedicated to the ipad. I need it!

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