Easter Weekend

This Easter weekend was one of my favorites to date! We kicked it off with a beach day on Good Friday, and I guess it’s…

This Easter weekend was one of my favorites to date! We kicked it off with a beach day on Good Friday, and I guess it’s hard not to have a good weekend when you start it that way! Anderson took the day off, so we hit the beach, then went for burgers at M Shack, and grabbed some donuts at Krispy Kreme. Basically we were working on our beach bodies. 🙂


Saturday morning Anderson ran a 5k, we went to an egg hunt, and then to church that evening. We started going to a new church at the beginning of the year, and one of the things we love most about the leadership is their heart for un-churched people. Their passion for creating a welcoming environment for people who don’t have a relationship with Christ lines up perfectly with our hearts. So leading up to Easter, those of us who attend regularly were asked to go to a special service on Saturday night to free up some room for the hundreds of guests they were expecting on Easter Sunday. We talked about it briefly and knew we should go to the Saturday service. (This was one of the times when I realized how much I love not being weighed down by tradition! I know tradition and rituals can be fun and meaningful, but sometimes they take over and become a little too important. And for me, they’re kind of stressful. We’ve always gone to church on Easter Sunday! But this year it didn’t matter. We know the end of the Easter story anyway!)

So we went to church Saturday night, and wore shorts. Yeah! It was a great service. And we celebrated as 37 people accepted Jesus as their savior! That’s what Easter is all about!!!

Sunday morning we slept in, Anderson made breakfast, and we read the Easter story with Kingston. It was one of the most relaxed Easter mornings I’ve ever had, and I’m so thankful for that time with my family! Our one silly Easter tradition is something Anderson remembers from growing up in Brazil. We hide carrots for the Easter Bunny all over the house, and he eats them and leaves chocolate eggs in their place. Kingston loved finding all the chocolate this year!



After our slow morning at home, we went to Callahan and had lunch with my parents. My mom made a delicious meal, and we played all afternoon. Kingston especially enjoyed it, because we were the only ones there and he doesn’t particularly like sharing Grandma and Grandpa with anyone else. 🙂

My favorite part of the weekend was listening to Kingston as he told my parents “what Easter is all about.” He knew ever detail of Jesus’ resurrection. Easter has become one of my favorite days of the year, and my heart is still overflowing with gratitude. I’m so thankful for the sacrifice Jesus made for us on the cross!



  1. Were Kingston and Grandpa waiting for the plastic raft to come out the other side of the 'tunnel'?

  2. Lyndsay thanks for sharing not only your parents with us but now your family!! You are such a wonderful mom!! Just like your mom and grandmothers. I enjoy reading pink coffee!! Please keep it going!!

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