Deck the Halls!

Fa la la la la, la la la la! Believe it or not, it’s time! Christmas photo shoots are right around the corner, and I’m…

Fa la la la la, la la la la!

Believe it or not, it’s time! Christmas photo shoots are right around the corner, and I’m already booking into late November. So if you’re planning to work with me this year, let’s chat ASAP. (Current clients get first dibs!) Last fall I had to turn some families away, and I hated it.

And a little something to think about: Last year we took our family pics at home, and I’ve never been so happy with a set of images! In fact, we’re doing the same thing this year. And I’m really hoping some of you will be crazy enough to do an “at-home” session this fall! Yes. I know. I’ve heard all the excuses for why not to do it. The most common are: “My house doesn’t look good enough” and “It’s too much pressure.” But from one mamma (and wife) to another I can tell you that these are my favorite images of the three of us. And we take a lot of pics — as you know-ha! There’s just something about capturing life as it happens that tugs at the heart, and I’m dying for some of you to experience that. Don’t worry. I promise not to harass you if you choose to go to a cool location instead. I’ll still be thrilled to work with you. 😉

You can see more of our “at home” shoot here. Thanks so much to Stephanie Mortimer for taking some of my favorite moments EVER!

**UPDATE: I only have 3 slots left!**


  1. When you have little ones doing photos at home is your only good option! They’re more comfortable & you don’t have to be embarrassed when they scream & destroy the place!

  2. was really hoping YOU were going to take our pictures in a few weeks…but looks like I’m going to have to figure out something else. 🙁 SAD SAD SAD.

    These pictures really are fabulous!

  3. Someday when I have a home and a family I will fly you to MN to take pictures of it. Or else I’ll just throw a big party for my 30th bday next year and have you be the official photographer. Either way I need you to photograph my life. And just be my real life friend.

  4. I love the photos of your family at home and I am soi jealous to recreate that vibe with some future. photos hopefully!

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