Books To Me – Instagram Photo Books

I guess it’s really no surprise that I’m terrible about printing our personal pictures. I mean, “the cobbler’s children have no shoes,” right? I do print a few favorites here and there to hang on our walls, but the last time I made an actual photo album was when we went to Hawaii while I was pregnant with Kingston. How sad is that? I need to work on this. Maybe I’ll start tomorrow. 😉

In the meantime, I’ll let Books to Me do all the work for me and at least get some Instagram photos printed. When they contacted me about trying out their photo books, I was totally on board with the idea. In fact, I think they’re genius. The concept is so simple: you sign up for an account, either monthly or quarterly, and they automatically put all your Instagram pictures in a photo book and mail it to you. That’s it! There’s no designing, picking layouts, or cover styles (all the things I hate about putting together photo books!) I signed up for the monthly plan and received my first book less than a week later. It’s sitting on our coffee table, and Kingston loves looking through it. I do think that considering the large amount of stuff in our house (what can I say? I’m a collector of everything!) I’ll actually sign up for the quarterly plan when my free trial runs out. Four books a year sounds a lot better to me than twelve does! But either way, I love the idea of printed photos that we can flip through. Now if I could just get the Books to Me team to work on Kingston’s baby book for me. 🙂

Wanna try Books to Me for 75% off? Um, yes. Yes you do! Use the promo code pinkcoffeephoto and you’ll get your first book for only $6.00. Try it!