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What did we do before blogs? I mean, how did we find recipes, outfit inspiration, weird home remedies, photo shoots, birth stories full of TMI?!…

blogs i followWhat did we do before blogs? I mean, how did we find recipes, outfit inspiration, weird home remedies, photo shoots, birth stories full of TMI?!

I kind of discovered blogs about 8 years ago and have kept up with so many sites off and on since then. Reading the content and trying new projects is fun, but I also like the personal connection that develops after reading a blog for years and years. It’s so much different than a magazine. (Remember those?!) I feel a little invested in some of theses sites and the people behind the screen. I don’t know if this makes sense to anyone else – ha! But there’s just something about that connection…

Anyway, if I’ve completely lost you feel free to join back in now!

I wanted to share a few of the blogs I currently love following. Some are old favorites and a couple are new finds!

1. A Beautiful Mess
I’ve been reading this blog for-e-ver. Like, since 2007! It’s full of all of my favorite things: photography, crafty DIYs, plus lots and lots of decorating projects. It’s one of those great sites that has a little something for everyone. It’s been fun to see Elsie and her team become so successful over the years.

2. Maskcara
This is my absolute favorite beauty site. I’ve tried so many of the hair and makeup tutorials that Cara posts. And I’ve never been disappointed by any of her product recommendations. I like that she doesn’t take a lot of product sponsorships, and when she does review something that was gifted to her she’s totally honest about whether she likes it or not. She recently did a post about getting rid of product build-up in your hair, and I tried it that same night. I had some major build-up going on and had tried so many different shampoos, but it just kept getting worse. Cara’s baking soda and water method totally worked and only took a few minutes! I’ve also learned to HAC (highlight and contour) from Cara’s blog. How did I get this far in life without knowing this?!

3. Tara Whitney
Tara’s site is another one I’ve been following for years. In fact, hers is the only photography site I regularly look at these days. Her images are refreshing and real, and she shoots my favorite subjects – families! Even though she doesn’t blog regularly anymore I always enjoy her posts.

4. Sincerely Jules
Jules has the best laid-back, tomboy style. I love how she pairs even the dressiest pieces with sneakers or ankle boots. She’s also an expert at mixing patterns. This is one of my favorite recent outfits she posted.

5. Paper & Stitch
This one is full of beautiful DIY projects! Brittni writes about DIY, home decor, fashion, small business tips, and she just happens to live here in Jacksonville. My favorite series is “Projects to Try this Weekend.” She posts it every Friday, and there’s always at least one on the list that I want to try!

6. Jacksonville Moms Blog
The site is such a great resource for local moms in my area. They have a small army of writers who are constantly posting fresh content on everything from the best local markets to the most popular birthday party venues in town. They even host events just for moms! I’m actually partnering with them on a big Mother’s Day Giveaway right now and an event next month!

PS – I follow all of these sites through Bloglovin. I like how it organizes everything for me and keeps it in all in one place.
What are some of your favorites?


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