April via cell phone pics

I had another post ready, but I’m experiencing some technical difficulties. 🙂
So instead, here’s a look at last month via my cell phone:

We spent a lot of time in the backyard. Mostly eating popsicles and playing in the dirt.

Beach days!!!

Kingston and his cousin, Asher, enjoying a little “futebol” while their dad’s played on another field. Don’t tell, but this game was much more exciting. 🙂

L: Our church just celebrated it’s 15th birthday!
R: Kingston loves listening to the music every Sunday. Anderson started it, and now it’s a MUST. He talks about it all week!

L: Mom and I at “Fashion on the Fly.” BTW-We won the People’s Choice Award. Thanks for voting!!!
R: Hyperactivity Squared.

Spent some time at a beach condo with girlfriends. We talked and made pizza… and talked.

I walked around for most of an afternoon with a big hole in my skirt. Classic. But not to worry, I cut it up into a head-wrap!

L: Cute little second-hand store.
R: Triple fail at another thrift store. I mean. WHY?!?

L: Restaurant entertainment is important these days.
R: So is making a trip through the neighborhood with a grocery cart. We like to fill it with pine cones and rocks.

It’s summertime!!! No really. We skip spring down here.L: Annnnd more thrifting.
R: And nature walks.
K. Rock and Asher. I miss seeing these little guys together!

I made some onesies for friends. 🙂

L: If you’re sitting on a blanket or towel, it’s a picnic. No matter what you’re doing.
R: Just imagine you can hear this picture… in a quiet bookstore.

L: We worked together for 1.5 days. Then decided we could either work together OR live together. Soooooooo…
R: Easter decorations stayed around a little too long.

For someone who doesn’t eat burgers, I end up in a lot of burger joints.

He just keeps getting more fun!!!

French fries are his favorite… mine too.