April via Cell Phone Pics

We went to a beautiful wedding, and the cake was too pretty to eat. But we did! Left: Left a photoshoot with some new clients…

april cell3

We went to a beautiful wedding, and the cake was too pretty to eat. But we did!

april cell1

Left: Left a photoshoot with some new clients who I fell in love with. Funny how faith can bond people instantly. Feeling extra thankful for my job!
Right: He saw a dog doing this and had to try. I didn’t catch the tongue hanging out. 🙂

april cell10

Left: Racing.
Right: I’m so overwhelmed by God’s grace. It surrounds me in such a way that I can’t escape it. It’s in my little boy’s eyes, in my husband’s laugh,
even in the beautiful flowers that bloom every year in my yard even though I completely neglect them! It’s written all over the pages of his word
as I open it and ask him to speak to me. I can’t run from it, and it’s not because of anything I’ve done!

april cell2

We were half-way through running errands when Kingston asked to go to the beach.
About 15 minutes later we had gone home, changed, and put our toes in the water. The things I do for this kid. 😉

april cell4

Easter Sunday – Note Kingston’s hand on his pocket. It’s full of jelly beans.

april cell5

Left: Finally finished updating my Grandma Shirl’s old couch!
Right: It’s hard not to buy him a new car every time we go to the store. #onlychild

april cell6

Wedding Season!

april cell8

My new favorite junk hole: Southern Crossings

april cell9

Left: Anderson sent me to pick up some of his guitar gear from church. And if this drawing wasn’t so helpful I’d be totally offended.
Right: Saturday in Jenny’s chair.

april cell11

Left: Ready – Set – WEEKEND!
Right: Can we talk about cauliflower pizza crust for a minute? I know it sounds disgusting, and let’s be honest: it smells like a nasty fart while it’s cooking. But it’s the best!! And has become one of our favorite meals since we started eating clean in February! (I didn’t have high hopes since a lot of the clean recipes I’ve tried have been all talk. I’m looking at you “fake frosty”- have y’all tried that one?! Tastes nothing like a dang frosty!) The first time I made this pizza Anderson loved it and was SO MAD at me when I told him what he had just eaten. 🙂 Try it!!

april cell12
Left: It’s officially straw fedora season.
Right: We were supposed to go to the beach with some friends, but Mom of the Year let Kingston get burned outside the day before. Fail. So we hit some thrift stores instead. Win! Found some really fun stuff – my favorite is a vintage sleeping bag. I think K will love me when I send him to sleepovers with it one day

april cell13

Left: Kingston’s room makes my eyes burn. Lime walls and bright accents everywhere! I told him I want to paint it something neutral,
and he got REALLY upset. His favorite color has always been green. I think I did this to myself!

Right: Good morning, Jacksonville!




  1. Those tonka trucks look familiar. We left out of there with only 6 buggies. lol

  2. Lyndsay Hyatt- Almeida We put the seats down and filled the SUV to the roof and went two days later to Wal-Mart and did the same thing. I'm shopped out for a little while. Loved seeing you too!

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