Almeida Spring Break 2013

Last week was super-busy around here. (That’s how we like it!) We kicked things off with our church’s annual Easter Eggstravaganza – 3,000 people, bounce houses, carnival games, 20,000 eggs, a creepy clown – and all my kid wanted to do was walk around the parking lot and look at all the “wheels.” We totally could’ve done that at Walmart. Anyway… that afternoon Anderson’s younger brother Will and Sara and most importantly, ASHER, came to stay with us during their spring break. Living in Florida is a plus when you have lots of out-of-town family. It’s easier to bribe them to come visit! We all hung out at my parents’ house on Easter then spent the rest of the week doing what we do best: eating, enjoying the sunshine, thrifting, late night chats in the kitchen over ice cream (the best conversations happen that way!), and chasing two crazy toddlers around. This visit happened at the best time for us. And it was too much fun having a house full of Almeidas! So much that it was really hard to say goodbye. Anderson’s brothers have always been so good to me and treated me like family from the beginning. And I always felt really bad for Anderson after a visit, because I knew how sad he was. But now I feel like I’m saying goodbye to MY family, and I don’t just feel sad for him anymore. I love these people! So, here’s a bunch of random pictures from Almeida Spring Break 2013: