The Akridge Family At Home

A Saturday morning at the Akridge home! I was welcomed at the door by two excited dogs and Mom holding a cup of coffee. And as I walked into the warm, inviting house the youngest Akridge boys immediately started telling me all about sharks – shark teeth, shark toys, shark posters, shark facts! This wasn’t a typical session with an awkward start, where I had to get everyone to warm up to me. They were immediately ready to roll and the next thing I knew we were jumping on beds, looking for shy cats, riding bikes, doing soccer and gymnastics tricks on the front lawn, and trying to get two dogs to pose demurely on a couch… in the back yard. Ha! We only slowed down for one thing – a time-out to check blood sugar. Not the most fun part of the morning, but I’m thankful they let me capture that too, because for them, this is real life.