whitney and jeff are having a baby

This was the session that almost didn’t happen. As I was driving to Fernandina to meet this excited, expectant couple it started raining. And the closer I got to our meeting spot, the harder it rained. I called Whitney and she sounded upset, but she told me her hubby was watching the radar and thought the rain was moving away fast. So I kept driving towards the black clouds in front of me. It wasn’t looking good, and I was feeling bad for Whitney. Doesn’t the weather know not to mess with a very pregnant woman?! Then just as I arrived at our spot it stopped raining…completely stopped! Florida weather is so weird, but on this day I was very thankful for it. šŸ™‚

Whitney and Jeff are getting ready to welcome their first child into their home; a sweet little baby boy. It was fun capturing this couples’ excitement and hearing all about their plans for their growing family. They even brought their firstborn, Bailey, along for the ride…

Congrats to the parents-to-be!!!
And happy weekend to everyone else-whoo hoo!