morgan and jensen are graduating

-Loved this shoot.
-I Never really wanted a sister until watching Morgan and Jensen interact with each other.
-They are extremely close. The whole twin thing; so evident with them.
-Every time I said, “Strike a pose,” they did something eerily similar…without knowing it.
-Both girls picked out the same outfit to wear the night before…without knowing it. Not sure who had to change. 🙂
-They could be triplets, because their mom looks JUST LIKE THEM. I was confused when we met up, thinking, “I thought there were 2 of them. There are 3?”
-We had the worst. weather. ever. Cold, cloudy and windy. The girls were such good sports though. I whined about being cold way more than them, and I was bundled up!

M & J, I had so much fun working with you. Thank you for being the best clients imaginable. 🙂
Congratulations on making it through 13 years of school-whoo hoo!!!

Their birthday is on the 14th. 🙂