What I Wore – Thrifted Coat


I love winter coats. This is a bit ironic when you consider where I live and the very few occasions I have for actually wearing coats. But I can’t resist them. And coats with fur? Yes, please! I have 3 or 4 in my closet right now just in case the weather dips below 70 degrees. 🙂 So imagine my excitement when I found this vintage coat with a fur collar in PERFECT condition for $19.99 at a thrift store. I snagged it off the rack so fast the hangar went flying across the store. It fit perfectly! So I took it to the cleaners and have been sweating in it ever since. haha!

My friend Ansley and I are both plant ladies, so we checked out Plant Ranch last week, and I was excited that it was juuuust chilly enough to wear my coat. 🙂