Who needs books?

Winter has finally made it to Florida. So for the last few weeks it’s been a little cold. Too cold to play outside. But staying in the house all day with a two-year-old is no fun. No fun at all! So we’re always looking for somewhere to go. Anderson likes taking Kingston to Barnes & Noble to play with the games, LEGOs, and Thomas the Train tracks. (Notice I didn’t mention books at all. I’m the book person in the family!) We go in the morning when there’s no one else there… except other bored parents with wild children. And while the boys are playing with trains I always go look for a book I think Kingston would enjoy (or maybe I’m hiding in a corner for 10 minutes with a fashion magazine). Anyway, I inevitably return to the scene below. What little boy wants to read a book with Mom when Dad starts LEGO fights? I don’t really blame him!

And of course we quickly and quietly pick all the toys up (with a good attitude) before we leave. And we never, ever cause a scene… at all.