What Our May Looks Like

I have a feeling that my “What Our May, June, July, and August Looks Like” posts will all be identical, because we’ve basically camped out at the beach for the summer. We like to go on a whim, and we’re really low maintenance beach people. One big bag usually does it. Here’s the secret: go with friends. When you go with lots of kids you don’t need lots of toys. They entertain each other! Otherwise you end up being “that family” with 3 coolers, a wagon, a tent, two umbrellas, and four bags of sand toys. And you only go once a year, because it’s so much work. šŸ™‚ So, there you go. You’re welcome!

These pictures are from 4 different beach trips to the exact same spot, and the difference in the colors of the sky and water is crazy!

And… it’s blog circle day, so head over to Cassidy’s site next!

And you know it’s a good beach day when someone goes home with no pants. šŸ™‚