This Weekend…

– We had friends over for picanha… and other stuff. But mostly picanha. I was forced to taste it and after pulling a toddler “yucky” face I said it tasted like roast beef. I was basically booed by the whole table.

– We managed to keep a dog and a kid alive. If we continue this trend all week it will be a good dog-sitting experience.

–  My phone ended up in a toilet. And miraculously started working a day later. My love for Apple continues to grow.

– I went to a Fancy Ladies tea party.

– We watched two movies at home! Kingston loved “101 Dalmatians” (the Glenn Close one.) Anderson and I both HATED “The Great Gatsby.” Give me those two hours back!

– Officially kicked off crazy photography season. Could we start Christmas pictures in August next year? JK! It’s great. It just means I’m super-busy and end up doing things like dropping my phone in a toilet and/or forgetting to pay bills. No big deal.

Picanha Feast!

Fancy Ladies. (Thanks for the pics Christine!)