The Ricks Family

This family is extra special to mine!

I’ve know Mike and Angie for as long as I can remember, and Anderson and King love hanging out with them and their kids as much as I do. They’re the kind of people who make our sides hurt from laughing every time we’re together. They’re also super adventurous and spontaneous. When they call us, we never know what they’re going to say: “Hey! We’re moving (again!)” or “Guess what?! We’re adopting 3 kids!” or “We just rented an RV. Pack your bags-we’re going on a trip!” So when they called recently on speaker phone and told me to SIT DOWN because they had news, I immediately just laid down on my living room floor before saying, “Ok, ready.” That call was to tell me they wanted to book a photo shoot, because they were adopting again! TWO MORE KIDS! Hearing Mike’s excitement and Angie’s laugh (she has one of those laughs that makes you laugh too) I was so stinkin’ excited for them, and could not wait to meet their new daughters! And y’all. They are the cutest little munchkins ever! I love the way they fit right into the mix as if they’ve all been together forever.

But if they keep going at this rate, I’ll be introducing you to the Duggars 2.0 in a few years. šŸ™‚

You can see the shoot we did in their amazing home here. And the one from Disney here. Told you they’re fun!