the 3 hour tour

I mentioned earlier that Saturday was my little brother’s birthday. He told us he didn’t want to do anything, but that does not fly with my mom! Birthdays are huge in our family. Actually, I guess we like any reason to celebrate. My parents decided to do something different for him, so they asked some family friends who live in Fernandina if we could go out on their boat.

We all met at the dock, and they told us we needed to hurry, because it was raining in the distance. By the time we got to St. Marys we were all hungry. We ate at a seafood restaurant then got back in the boat and went over to Cumberland Island. If you’ve never been, you absolutely must go! It’s breathtakingly beautiful. I won’t go on and on about it, but if you’re interested, Google it and plan a trip. We had a great time exploring!

This is how it looked when we left-See the rain in the distance?!
Captain Lane, The Birthday Boy and Me.

This trail was spooky.

This is the backyard of what’s left of Lucy Carnegie’s home.
It’s massive. Look how tiny we are in comparison!