Local Love – Downtown Jacksonville

We love hanging out downtown, so last Saturday we decided to drive there and spend the afternoon wandering around. Our first stop was the Riverside Arts Market for lunch. The market is under a bridge, so it’s nice and shaded and always has a cool breeze coming off the river. There’s so much to see, hear, and eat! Lots of local artists sell their custom artwork, and there’s always live music. And if you’re lucky you can catch a magic show or even a street dance performance! I really enjoy all the local produce and baked goods too.

After lunch (we shared a bunch of fried cheesy goodness), we went over to Sweet Pete’s for dessert. I’ve talked about this place a lot, but it’s just so cute that any time we’re downtown we have to stop in, even if it’s just for a few minutes!

When we finished up at the candy shop, we walked across the street to Hemming Park. This is another one of our favorite spots because there’s always something going on in the park, and even on a Saturday, there’s usually a crowd. It makes us feel a little like we’re in a big city somewhere! The park has a few really cool art installations right now, so we checked those out, played some games, then went back across the street to the downtown library. We mainly went there to use the bathroom, but we love spending time in there. It’s our favorite library in the city!

We ended our little afternoon excursion with a long ride on the Skyway. We hopped on at the Hemming Park station and rode it for about 30 minutes. Kingston loved it!

I think this will be part of our summer routine this year! Next time we’ll bring some friends and maybe hit the Museum of Science and History too!