FAQ: Round 9 – Striking a Balance


The B Word.

I get emails at least weekly about finding balance. People want to know how I do it. How I balance being a wife and mom with running a business.

Does the fact that I haven’t answered any of these emails in over a month tell you anything?

Truth is, sometimes I don’t. I get overwhelmed. My house is a wreck today (and I HATE a messy house). But my Mom is coming over to watch Kingston tomorrow, and I know she’ll clean up the mess for me. She always does. Yep. My Mom cleans my house. And my husband sometimes cooks dinner. Last night I woke up from a dead sleep and remembered I hadn’t paid 2 bills that were due over the weekend. Ugh! Balance is hard. I struggle with it constantly. Between taking care of my boys, running Pink Coffee, doing graphic design work for my church, blogging, working on freelance projects (and everything else) it’s hard. Really hard.

I struggle with it just like everyone else, but I try to remember that at the end of the day my family is what’s most important. That’s why I only take on one photoshoot a week. And it’s also why I don’t participate in photography networking groups or anything else that makes me feel like I have to compete. I want my Pink Coffee clients to have a great experience, and I’ve realized that in order to make that happen I can only do so much. I want to say I’ve learned to say “no”. But I think it’s more honest to say that I’m learning to say “no”. I don’t have it all figured out yet, but every time I turn down a project that I know would interfere with my family-life it gets easier. And it feels so good! I’m learning what works best for Team Almeida and trying to ignore what other people think.

So that’s my long answer to this often-asked question. I’m a work in progress!