Soccer. And the other Almeidas.

Now that the dark cloud of mourning is slowly leaving our home, I feel like I can talk about the World Cup again. Seriously though, the highlight of this World Cup was when Anderson’s brother, Will and his family came to stay with us for a week in the middle of the excitement. Watching the guys enjoy soccer together was fun! Dressing our kids up in USA and Brazil gear was even better. 🙂


Kingston LOVED rocking out with Uncle Will!


We went to the beach almost every morning!




Sara was an English teacher (I should say is, because “once an English teacher, always an English teacher!”) and loves literature,
so she and I explored Chamblin’s Uptown Books one afternoon. I think I could’ve left her there for a few days!


Now it’s our turn to visit. Michigan in the fall is pretty amazing. :))