September Via Cell Phone Pics

Left: We needed some fresh air.
Right: Anderson was working on a video deadline, so we delivered lunch. I always tell Kingston, “Dadda works hard, so we can play hard!”Left: It’s freakin’ HOT. Fall is a total myth in Florida.
Right: Friday Night at home.Left: Dinner at the Happy Grilled Cheese truck.
Right: Lazy Sunday.Left: Shout-out to Jenny at Oscar and Lula’s for cutting and coloring me last week. My head weighs a lot less now. 🙂
Right: So much coffee lately.Left: Came home from worship practice late, so we let K stay up and play in bed with us. He wanted “everybody to wear hats!”
Right: The best coffee! #maplestreetLeft: Celebrating with the fam the night we found out there was “no change” in my brain tumor since the last scan!
Right: 1 can of pumpkin + 1 boxed spice cake. I always add a handful of chocolate chips and sometimes cranberries. Bake for 20 minutes at 350.Left: Saturday Therapy. #thrifting
Right: Thankful.
Left: Celebrating with the newlyweds one more time! I love my Chets family.
Right: Kingston’s lunch date brought presents!Left: One of those completely ordinary days where I felt completely overwhelmed with gratitude for this life I’m living.
Right: Hanging with my boys at a book store.Left: For someone who doesn’t eat burgers, I find myself in places like this way too often. #mustbelove
Right: Labor Day cook out.

Left: Had my friend JoJo’s homemade cinnamon rolls for dinner. My stomach was happy.
Right: Every time this girl comes over for dinner she brings more food than I make. She knows my limitations!Left: Coffee and entertainment while we waited on breakfast.
Right: Love this girl and her awesome family! We had so much fun during her photoshoot. 🙂