We took a long weekend trip to Savannah with some great friends who just happen to be the perfect travel companions. It was a business…

We took a long weekend trip to Savannah with some great friends who just happen to be the perfect travel companions. It was a business trip for them; and a play trip for us! We stayed in a really cool place and just enjoyed exploring the old city for a few days. One of my favorite things about Savannah was the contrast between the way the city felt during the day and in the evening. We walked around late one night and experienced the buzz that comes from music spilling out of restaurants doors onto the streets. Then the next morning got up early and enjoyed the quiet, peaceful moments before the rest of the city woke up. Our friends are Savannah experts and made sure we saw everything we could pack into three days. Here are just a few of my favorites from the trip:

– Forsyth Park (and all 357 squares) ūüôā

– Music and Dancing at City Market

b. Matthews

– Tybee Island

– Coffee and Breakfast from Gallery Espresso, Coffee Fox and Sentient Bean

– The Forsyth Farmer’s Market – It put the Brooklyn Flea to shame! The area just south of the park was my favorite part of Savannah.

– The Mansion on Forsyth Park – This is a “sister” hotel to the one where we recently stayed in St. Augustine.

– The Parker’s Market Urban Gourmet – We made a few too may trips here. And I enjoyed each one!

The Olde Pink House

– Exploring the Historic District with no maps or GPS. It’s a beautiful place to get lost!

– River Street at night

While we were wandering around, I started taking pictures of doors and couldn’t stop. I’m weird. You can thank me later for only including a few!

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  1. So! I just did a random search for “photography lifestyle blog” (or somesuch) and yours was one of the first links to pop up. I added you to my feedly (which, honestly, is too little “lifestyle” and “photography” and too much “horse”). While I realized that you were in Jax, I was pleased to see that you had recently visited my city! I always love to see how she is portrayed through the eyes of non-locals. Gorgeous photos!

  2. gorgeous photos! Where exactly did you stay? My husband and I are thinking about taking a trip there for our 10th anniversary

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