Ring Around The Rosie

Of all the rooms in our house, Kingston’s favorite is mine and Anderson’s bedroom. He always wants to play in “Dadda’s bed.” Not sure where he thinks I sleep! We have some of our best times with him playing with his cars, making tents, and jumping on our bed. And after all that we’ve been through this year I find myself so much more “in the moment” and enjoying the little things more. These are the happy memories I want to look back at one day… two lunatics and a little monkey jumping on the bed. 🙂

PS – Apparently we make up our own lyrics too. I had no idea what some of the words were to this song and always thought it was “Ring around the roses.” Oops! What the heck does that mean anyway?!

Ring Around The Rosie from lyndsay hyatt-almeida on Vimeo.