Publix Delivery

(This post is sponsored by Publix. All opinions are my own.)

Three reasons it’s good to be alive in 2018:

1. Podcasts that make me feel like I’m now an expert on thousands of topics.
2. Google for answering ALL of my kid’s questions.
3. Publix delivery, Powered by Instacart, that brings groceries right to my front door!!!

I don’t enjoy grocery shopping, but I do love Publix! You’ve probably heard me talk about how awesome this grocery store is over the years. Maybe I’ve told you about that one time when Kingston was a toddler, and a store manager heard him crying when we walked in the store because there weren’t any “race car” shopping carts left. Then a few minutes later, that manager found us in the store and brought us a race car cart and balloon! He’d gone out to the parking lot to find it. I’ve been a loyal customer ever since! And that story sums up all my Publix experiences over the years – above and beyond! So when I heard that my favorite grocery store now offers delivery right to my doorstep, I was excited to try it.

We have a tradition of making big family breakfasts about once a month, and we all especially enjoy it around the holidays. But this also happens to be my busiest time of year with work, so it was the perfect opportunity to try Publix delivery, Powered by Instacart. The process was so easy. I signed up for an account, found everything I needed for our family breakfast the next morning, and picked a time when I wanted to have it delivered. That’s it! They deliver in as little as an hour! I was able to track my order progress, so I knew when my shopper, Michael, started shopping for my groceries. I got a notice about a substitution for an item that wasn’t in stock and was asked to approve it. Then I was sent a text when he was headed to my house. The process was amazing. I felt totally spoiled. And you know what? When you’re working a lot, juggling all the things, and trying to feed your people, it’s okay to feel a little spoiled by Michael the personal shopper. šŸ™‚

We had everything we needed for our family breakfast-eggs with tomatoes and feta, bacon, protein chocolate chip pancakes, fruit, coffee, and green juice to wash down the bacon! I love this tradition, because Anderson is the breakfast chef at our house. He loves it because it involves bacon, and Kingston is there for the pancakes. We’re a go-go-go family, so it’s always nice to sit down to a big meal and just enjoy being around the table together.

Want to have your Publix groceries delivered to your front door too?! If you’re on the go like me, I know you’ll love it. Click this link for $10 off your first order of $35 or more, and have your first delivery fee waived when you go to check out and use the code LyndsayA10. Offer expires 1/31/19. Publix DeliveryPublix DeliveryPublix DeliveryPublix DeliveryPublix DeliveryPublix Delivery