Phone Table – Before & After

My parents gave us this antique phone table (I prefer the term “gossip bench!”) a few years ago. I remember it being in our home…

My parents gave us this antique phone table (I prefer the term “gossip bench!”) a few years ago. I remember it being in our home next to the phone that hung on the kitchen wall. The same phone that Kingston and his cousins are so confused by now. A phone on the wall? Ha! Anyway, when we got the table it had a wood finish, but I was going through a black furniture phase at the time. I literally spray painted all of our furniture glossy black. Yes. I know I’m going to furniture Hell for painting antiques. If this one bothers you, you do not want to see the rest of my house! Most pieces have been repainted since the black phase, and it was past time to give the “gossip bench” a little makeover. Here’s what I did:

First I spray painted it gold using Krylon Metallic Gold. I use this brand for almost all of my painting projects but had never tried the metallic. Sadly, it’s awful. I was totally bummed at the quality. I usually love Krylon because of the variety of color options but mostly because it doesn’t drip. Drippy spray paint is the worst. And this stuff was super-drippy. Consider yourself warned!

Once that horrific task was complete it still needed a little something. So I did what every stumped DIY-er does; I posted a picture on Instagram and asked for advice. I wanted to add a pop of color but wasn’t sure where. The masses came through for me and offered some great ideas. My favorite suggestion was to paint parts of the chair pink, so that’s exactly what I did. I actually used a paint brush too. I didn’t want to tape everything off (code for LAZY), so spraying wasn’t an option. But I love how it turned out!

Thanks Instagram friends! The table definitely fits into our candy-colored home better now. 🙂

Phone Table – Antique, Pillow – Thrift Store, Throw – Target, Telephone – Belonged to my Grandma,
Deer – Courtesy of the Great White Hunter (my Pops), Frame – Ikea (was originally black)


  1. Everything about this is perfect. And I’ll be in furniture Hell with ya. Maybe there will be spray paint there?? HAHA

  2. So did I ever tell you I have that Ikea fram as well? I think mine might be turning hot pink in the very near future. I think we are long-lost twins. I also think you are going to love my latest dresser makeover…my grandma’s old dresser turned teal and gold. AMAZING.

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