October Via Cell Phone Pics

And suddenly it’s November.
I love this time of year!
Just a few pictures from our cell phones during October:
Making Halloween decorations was fun this year! You can see more here.
Most days it’s still beach weather here!
I did a lot of graphic design projects last month. Crazy-busy season is here.
This is still a little too painful to discuss. This is just a sampling of the art work. I’ll leave it to your imagination…
I started voting by absentee ballot in college (b/c I didn’t live in the area I where I was registered to vote) and still do it that way, most out of laziness.
Kingston sporting the smart librarian look.
Afternoon routine.
Apparently 5 Guys raised their prices, so Anderson posted this picture in protest. Although I assure you, it hasn’t slowed him down at all.
Crafty card from a talented client!
We collect sticks and rocks.
Fun house mirror… in a hospital.
40 Days in the Word.
A lunch date.
I picture him doing this exact thing in 15 years.
Hanging out with this little guy is so much fun. I wish we could clone him or something!
The 3 Almeidas.

Clean-up on aisle 9.


His face!

This is where I sit/lay to read a book. I read a book!

Sometimes we get bored…

… he/she deer is so over this.

More stick collecting at the playground.

Date Night!!!

We saw Argo and loved it – totally my kind of movie.


There’s been a lot of harmonica playing around here.

I don’t like to give him cookies, but for some reason these don’t seem as bad to me. Tsk, tsk.

Our neighborhood has a new playground. We approve.