Master Bedroom

Our house doesn’t really have a theme or “style” that continues throughout like a professionally decorated home does. I just go with what I like – old, quirky, funny… stuff that makes us smile. So it probably feels a little random. But there is one consistency. COLOR! I’m learning to keep all my walls more neutral, because everything else is so bright. Color makes me feel happy, so I love it! I redid our bedroom earlier this year and wanted to show you how it looks right now. Honestly, I add and change things in our home all the time (move things from one room to the next), but this is what our bedroom looks like this week. 🙂


Comforter – Anthropologie,
Pillows – IKEA, thrifted, and I made a few of them with fabric from Etsy.
Vintage Couch – It was my Grandma’s! I painted it and redid the trim.
Granny Squares on the walls – Etsy.
Dresser Knobs – Anthropologie and Hobby Lobby.
I made the pinwheels, the pom pom garland, and “dream catcher” thingy over the bed, the clock is thrifted, and the Polaroid print is from Etsy.
Curtains – Target.
Large Image over the bed was taken by Sarah Eddy of Sarahdipity.
The owl, globe, and Matryoshka doll candle on the dresser are from a little shop on St. George Street in St. Augustine. Can’t think of the name!
Afghans – Thrifted.
I made the art over my dresser from paint chips and a ruler.
The bench in the corner was a donation from my parents. 🙂 I painted the legs.

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