Master Bathroom Update

I’ve had the itch to update our bathroom for a while now but just couldn’t fit it in between everything I needed to be doing. Then one day I looked up at the “perfect pair” painted on the wall and couldn’t take it any more. So I walked into the garage, grabbed a can of paint that was leftover from our living room/kitchen area, and went to work! This bathroom has been the same for about 4 years (that’s a long life for decor at our house!), and I was excited to move on. Here’s how it turned out:

I used black and white elements with pops of color and gold details. It fits the current style of our home so much better now… we’ll see how long it lasts. 😉

I don’t usually like indoor plants. It’s just a weird quirk, but I decided to try one anyway. I painted a plain pot then planted a few succulents, including some aloe, because we can always use that around here. The elephant was a decoration from one of my baby showers. I think he needs to be in the pot though. “Please live little plants!”

The window is one of my favorite parts of the room. When we first moved in (and I initially decorated) Anderson insisted that this window have a curtain. Our neighborhood only had a few houses then, and the lots around us were empty, so He said he felt like people were peeking in. 🙂 Now that the neighborhood is completely full, and our neighbor’s fence is on the other side of the window, he’s a little more okay with it being uncovered. I never liked how dark it made the bathroom, so I wanted to leave it open this time. But it needed a little something. So I ordered more gold polka dot decals from Land of Nod, then cut them in half, and outlined the window.

When I want to change up a space I like to walk around the house and look for accessories to move around. The pink “A” was a wedding decoration that I had shoved in a closet (y’all know I’m a pack rat) and Prince Charming was in the kitchen. They fit great in the bathroom, and I didn’t have to buy them. So… Yay! I also spray painted our toothbrush holders, laundry basket, and other little details gold.

Do I even need to say that the giant image is my favorite part?!? This picture of Kingston makes me smile for so many reasons. I wanted the piece to be black and white with pops of color, so I mounted a 3’x4′ engineering print from Staples (just like the one I did in our entryway) to a canvas. Then I painted a teal strip across the bottom, hot glued some striped fabric to the top, and finished it with a row of polka dots cut from Pantone paint samples.

Now I’m excited to move on to another project. I think the “drum room” is next!