The Magic of a High Waisted Swimsuit

Ladies, I’d like to make a case for a subject I’m quite passionate about: the high waisted swimsuit. 🙂 There comes a time when no matter how hard a woman tries, the area below the belly button refuses to cooperate. Oh sure, you can do all the workouts and eat all the kale. And above the belly button? Eh, not awful. But below? NOT the best situation. I now find myself living this life.  So I’ve decided the best option is to use the hide it/suck-it-in method. Hence, the high waisted swimsuit! Tada!!! I just got this one at a local Jax Beach boutique, Gypset and Pearl and LOVE it! It’s by Eberjay and does everything it’s supposed to do. I also really like that all their pieces mix and match!