Kingston’s Big Boy Room

Kingston is really tall for his age! I have no idea why. 🙂 So our toddler bed stage didn’t last too long. The poor kid…

Kingston is really tall for his age! I have no idea why. 🙂 So our toddler bed stage didn’t last too long. The poor kid was pretty cramped! When we decided it was time for a big boy bed I thought that was the perfect time to redecorate his room. We had already gotten rid of a lot of the really babyish stuff in his nursery, but the walls needed to be painted so bad. What in the world do kids do to their walls? It’s a total mystery. Anyway… The first step was negotiating with a 3-year-old about the paint color! His favorite color is green, so he was pretty bad at me when I told him we were going to paint his room gray. We compromised on a green bed. (And it honestly doesn’t go with the rest of the room, but he loves it. So who cares?!) I didn’t want it to be too “themey” but had been collecting a lot of stuff over the last few months that I thought he’d like. So when it was all put together, we ended up with a with a vintage/cars look. Perfect for a little boy who wants to be a car when he grows up!

– The shelves are from Home Depot. I lightly sprayed them with a flat gray, so they wouldn’t have such a shiny look.
– The curtains and bedding are from H&M. And the pillow is an Etsy find. I’m still looking for a few more fun ones!
– I made the art piece above his bed. It’s just a decal (from Etsy) on a sheet of plywood. Kingston loves Anderson’s Mini Cooper, so this was a big hit!
– The arrow sign is from Target. It reminded us of the neon signs from the Cars movies. 🙂 I found the old hubcap at an antique store and made the pom pom garland and the pennants on his bed.

All of the old books and toys are from antique and thrift stores or were mine and my brother’s when we were kids. I’m so glad my Mom saved everything!


My dad made a shelf out of an old Coke crate.


And one more contribution from Grandpa & Grandma: a Chrysler grille.

PS – Let’s be really clear… I cleaned up his room to take these pictures!

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  1. I love it! I’m loving the green bed against those gray walls! I think my favorite is the little shelf your dad made. Now, please come do R and M’s room, ha!

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