July via Cell Phone Pics

Left: The day that seagull stole my carrot. Right: Wedding Crashers! JK – We were invited. Left: “Give The People What They Want” is my…


Left: The day that seagull stole my carrot. Right: Wedding Crashers! JK – We were invited.


Left: “Give The People What They Want” is my new decorating mantra. Right: Feel safe, Jacksonville.


Left: Our power was out because of a huge storm, so I couldn’t cook dinner. Darn it. Right: Beach with friends.


Left: A treasure at Chambline’s Bookmine.

Right: I’m so not ready for him to start preschool. Just wanna keep him in my pocket for the next 15 years!


Left: This is Red. It’s dinner time on the Hyatt Farm.

Right: My Mom makes it her goal to domesticate all the farm animals, so they all get too close for (my) comfort. In other news: we got to watch the Brazilian cowboy help Grandpa catch a calf that escaped. Pretty exciting Friday night! #whoneedsthezoo


Left: There’s a restaurant in Georgia with a Friday Night seafood buffet that Anderson frequently fantasizes about. We went with my parents
a few weeks ago, so he could get his fix. This pretty courthouse building is right behind the restaurant.

Right: Pool Feet!


Left: This a typical picture with my family. Anderson and I aren’t standing together, at least one kid is hiding or nose picking, my niece looks like a model, Kingston is in a death grip planning his escape, and my Dad is squished in the back smiling proudly.

Right: More of my Mom’s pets.


Left: These little guys take forever when you’re 3, and you’re trying to be really patient. 🙂

Right: Allow me to introduce you to Romeo & Juliette. This, my friends, is your new go-to appetizer. Guava jelly (or paste) from the ethnic food aisle and mozzarella cheese. Slice the cheese and top it with jelly. Done. When your friends rave about it, just casually shrug your shoulders and say, “Oh, yeah. It’s Brazilian.” Now they think you’re exotic. 😉 You’re welcome.

July6 copy

I’ve found my new favorite restaurant! Yalla!


Not being afraid to look like idiots at the reception = good wedding guests.


Left: Saw my reflection on the side of my car and realized I was dressed like an 11-yr-old skater boy. Also, hello fake tall person – lens distortion?!

Right: We swam laps this afternoon. Every time I do that it takes me back to high-school when I did lifeguard training and was so out of shape
I had to do my friends’ inhaler after we swam our laps test. I don’t even have asthma. 🙂


Left: Uncle Anderson’s soccer camp. Right: Kingston kissing his cars.


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