I’ve Stopped Counting

I think I’ve mentioned the crazy “month of celebration” that goes on here every year around this time. It starts with Kingston’s birthday at the beginning of December and ends with Anderson’s at the beginning of January. Mine is New Years Eve. Oh, and there’s that little December holiday sandwiched in their too. Whew! It always feels like such a time of overindulgence. And by the time we get to Anderson’s day we’re all a little partied out.

Anyway, we celebrated my birthday last weekend at some of my favorite restaurants (Orsay with my girlfriends, Cruisers with my boys, and a little Mexican place with my parents), because you know eating is my true hobby. We tried a new place too: Maple Street Biscuit Company. You locals should check it out. Anderson doesn’t really like biscuits. I know, he’s weird. But he loved this place. So there you go!

Maybe I’ll take him back tomorrow for his birthday! And then we’re all going to take a long nap.