Hey 2013!

Every year we go to the beach at some point between Christmas and New Years Day. It started back when we were dating, because Anderson had just moved to Florida and couldn’t believe it was warm enough for the beach in December. This year we went on Christmas day on a total whim. We don’t have a lot of traditions, but this is one we (all 3!) really enjoy. It’s not a shabby way to spend the end of the year!

As we move into a new, fresh year my prayer for myself and my family is that we seize every opportunity God places before us to show his love to others. Sometimes the world around us can seem pretty ugly, and instead of making an effort to be a light in the darkness I find myself feeling a little bitter towards others. Maybe jaded is a better word. But I don’t want my son to grow up in that environment. I want him to see the good around him. When I was younger I often prayed that God would give me opportunities to show his love to others. But now I think that the opportunities are always there. It’s a matter of whether or not I have the eyes to see them and the selflessness to actually do something. I want to take the blinders off this year. And see the needs of others around me. AND be willing to get involved and get my hands dirty.

One thing I know for sure: when we ask God to disrupt our lives, it always gets interesting. So, here’s to an exciting 2013!

Also, this isn’t really relevant to the post, but seeing my hair in these pictures made me think of it. Growing out really thick, blunt bangs is the worst! Let this be a lesson, kids.