Fashion on the Fly – Bluetique of North Florida

Earlier this week I participated in “Fashion on the Fly,” an event hosted by Bluetique of North Florida. Bluetique is a Goodwill Company created to offer higher-end and designer apparel… basically a high end thrift store. Y’all know how much I LOVE thrift stores, and because my Mom is the only person I know who enjoys them more than me, I brought her along to be my partner. She’s a total pro and even wore a complete head-to-toe outfit purchased from thrift stores. 🙂 We were in a styling competition with other local fashionistas and bloggers and had to dress a mannequin in 30 minutes with items from the store. The catch was that each contestant had to draw a random scenario and dress the mannequin accordingly. Of course, I drew “Black Tie Red Carpet Event.” What?!? If you shop at second hand stores very often you know that the weakest areas are usually menswear and formal wear. So Team Hyatt didn’t have much to work with but had THE BEST TIME running through the store, throwing shoes and accessories, and laughing like crazy people. The place was a mad house, and it was fun competing with some of my friends and colleagues (Danielle, Amy, Shae, Stacey) and meeting lots of new faces too! Goodwill is an amazing company, with a mission to create jobs all over the country, and I loved supporting them by participating as a stylist in this event. Thanks for having us, Goodwill!!!

Now the stylists are competing for the “People’s Choice Award” on facebook.
So… if you’re in the mood, you can go here and like our picture to help me and my Mom win!