This month has been hell. I mean, seriously. We’re dealing with a couple of BIG things plus a bunch of small ones piled on all at once. Isn’t that how it always happens though? I’m so ready to wave goodbye to February. So long, crappy month! Hopefully I can share more soon. You know, when we get through everything and can look back and say, “Oh, so that’s what God was up to!” But for now we’re just holding on. Anderson and I needed a little escape last week, so Grandma and Papa took Kingston for a night. And we got to go out. Like, on an actual date. Just the two of us! We saw a movie, had dinner, dessert, coffee and ended the night at Lowe’s. There’s nothing like drowning your sorrows in food and a new project. (I bought a giant piece of wood for a big re-do of our front entryway. It barely fit in my car, but thankfully Anderson is the Tetris King!) We ate at The Salty Fig, a new place in Riverside. I love their food truck but hadn’t tried the restaurant yet. Definitely recommend it! But my favorite part of the night (other than alone time with my man) was running into friends everywhere we went. While we were having dinner some of our favorite people showed up at the restaurant and were seated right behind us. Then we saw other friends at the coffee shop we went to after dinner. When I’m really dealing with hard stuff I like to hide. That’s how I cope. Just lock me in the house and don’t make me talk about it. But God knew we needed encouragement from friends, and I know he placed them in our path just for that. He really is the best!