Drum Room

Our house is small-ish, but it has 4 bedrooms. And once upon a time I used one as a home office, and Anderson’s music gear was in another one. Then Kingston showed up, and we had to combine my office and his gear. That didn’t work out very well… especially when he moved in a drum set and started teaching Kingston to play it. They ran me out in a hurry! That space has now been named the “Drum Room” and over the last three years has become the boys’ favorite place to hang out. The only problem was that it was still bright pink from back when it was my office. I thought it was kinda funny having all their music stuff in a pink room but finally decided to change it up for them. Here’s how it looks now – but with a lot more cords on the floor all the time. I moved them out of the way to take pictures!

I still want to paint and hang one of Anderson’s old (unusable) guitars and am searching for a big vintage-style area rug. If you have any questions about where the decorations came from, just ask in the comments. I’ll be happy to answer!