DIY Pom Pom Cuff Blazer

I’ve had my eye on the super cool jackets from Bless This Mess for a few months. Pom Poms + Fun Trim + A Sleek Blazer = I’m so in!!! But I didn’t love the $275 price tags. Then I realized they don’t even ship to the U.S. So I decided to take matters into my own hands. It was time for a craft project to save the day!

During a recent trip to Hope’s Closet, our church’s thrift store, I found some great jackets and blazers. Side note: I am obsessed with jackets and have a spare bedroom closet full of them. This is strange and noteworthy only because we live in Florida and have the opportunity to wear jackets about 6 times a year. Anyway, I had to have this brand new black blazer with it’s slightly puffy shoulders and ruffly peplum waist. And I think I paid about $7. It was the perfect piece for my DIY pom pom cuff blazer experiment.

Then I went to Jo-Ann Fabric (on Black Friday – there’s no logical explanation for this!) and found some perfect trim pieces! They have a great selection of trim. This purchase was $8, so I guess the Black Friday thing did pay off! I saved $260 on this blazer! šŸ™‚

Someone please mention this to Anderson when you see him…

DIY Pom Pom Cuff BlazerDIY Pom Pom Cuff Blazer

Here’s what I used for this project. Well, sort of! An employee at Jo-Ann suggested I try Fabric Fusion, but it was terrible. So I ended up breaking out my snazzy glue gun. Is there anything a glue gun can’t do? This is a rhetorical question. The answer is obviously NO!

– I bought 24″ of each trim then cut the pieces in half.
– Then I laid them on the cuff of my blazer and figured out exactly where to place them.
– I ended up with the big pom poms being flush with the edge of the sleeves.
– Then I glued each piece onto the jacket and tucked the ends on the inside where they’re hidden from view.

This was such an easy project and took less than 30 minutes! I went a little safe on the color scheme (believe it or not!) and now want to do one that’s bolder. NEON PINK! AND GREEN!

DIY Pom Pom Cuff BlazerDIY Pom Pom Cuff BlazerDIY Pom Pom Cuff BlazerDIY Pom Pom Cuff BlazerDIY Pom Pom Cuff Blazer14blogSave