DIY Doilie Shirt

A few of you asked how I made the doilie shirt from our recent family photoshoot, so I decided to give you the details today. Honestly, I’d love to say it was really complicated, but the process was so easy it doesn’t really need a detailed post!

You need:
– a t-shirt (mine is thrifted Old Navy)
– a doilie in any size you want
– thread or embroidery floss to match the doilie (I didn’t have cream, so white had to do)
– some decorative buttons (these came from Hobby Lobby)

Now, here’s the really complicated part!  😉
Place the doilie exactly where you want it then using the thread, stitch around the outside. Once it’s in place on the shirt, go back and do some stitches all throughout the doilie, so it lays flat. This is really important: make sure you’ve washed and dried the t-shirt and the doilie before you start. I did this once with an unwashed doilie, and when I did wash and dry it the whole thing shrunk and got all bunched and weird. Add your cute buttons or other embellishments to the shoulder and you’re finished! I hope you’ll make one of these! It only took a few minutes, and I wear it all the time. I made another one a long time ago. You can see it here.

On another note: Do you read Small Fry? It’s one of my favorite blogs for all-things-kiddo. It’s written by some stylish mamas and loaded with great fashion goodies for the littles, plus tons of crafts and activities to keep them busy! They do “Mum’s Threads” posts, featuring Moms and their kid-friendly style. And they featured one of my outfits on their Facebook page this week! Thanks Small Fry Ladies!