There are two kinds of people. Disney Freaks. And the rest of us. Calm down. You know it’s true, and I use the term “freak”…

There are two kinds of people. Disney Freaks. And the rest of us.

Calm down. You know it’s true, and I use the term “freak” lovingly-ha!

Even though I grew up just a couple of hours from Disney World, the Hyatts have never really been big fans. Nothing against the parks, it just wasn’t our thing. (I actually tried to picture my Dad in a Mickey shirt while we were at the park last week, and it wasn’t possible for my brain to create that image!) Hyatts don’t like to sweat. We also don’t like crowds or waiting in long lines for anything, so Orlando is not on our list of top 10 places to visit… ever. We did go to Disney a few times when I was a kid then I went back for youth group trips and Grad Night – the usual. But I’ve had no desire to go back since then.

However…. now that I’m an Almeida I’m continuing to evolve… as a crazy person. Anderson is the most spontaneous guy I’ve ever met. And he’s up for anything. Anytime. Last week he didn’t have to work for a few days, so we decided (on a total whim!) to take Kingston to Disney for the first time. It would also be Anderson’s first time at the Magic Kingdom. Now that’s exciting – no matter who you are, right?! We were online looking at tickets when Anderson lost his mind and decided to just get annual passes. Like I said – spontaneous. So the next day we quickly packed the car and headed to Orlando. And we learned that while Kingston is a good mix of Hyatt/Almeida, it turns out that when it comes to amusement parks he falls more on the Hyatt side. 🙂 Please enjoy his face in the first picture below!!! In the kid’s defense, we don’t have cable, and he has no idea who most of the characters are. So you mix that with the whole crowds + sweating thing, and we’re lucky we lasted a few hours. That Mickey Mouse ice cream bar saved the day. I’m telling ya!

We really did have a great weekend though. It’s hard not to have fun with my boys. And if you ask Kingston about Disney he’ll tell you about the “Cars” hotel we stayed in. Honestly, that was the highlight for all three of us, so I decided to save it for a whole post!

On a serious note, y’all know last year was a tough one for us, and I’m so thankful for a special weekend with my family. This year we’re celebrating – the little things and the big things. God is good, and I praise him and thank him for his amazing grace and the blessings in my life with joy in my heart!

Stay tuned for more Disney posts in 2014. We’re gonna enjoy that annual pass, people. 😉


  1. Kingston is getting so big and I really see it in these pictures! And man! I totally forgot about those Mickey ice creams!! They really are the best!

  2. I think I fall somewhere in the middle. I only went once and it was as an adult (before I left FL) and I loved it + the rides. It’s a nice escape. BUT, standing in line to meet a character sounds like Hades….the pricing is insane, and the people who get super into it (you miss the extra special kind that dress themselves + their baggage for the AIRPORT hours & hours away from Orlando bc you’re so close) kind of weird me out. I’d totally go if I still lived close but always in the off-season. Fo sho!

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