Brazilian Churros

For years Anderson has been telling me about the amazing Brazilian Churro. There’s nothing like it. It’s the best thing in the world. He may have even described it as “a little piece of Heaven.” And I’ve kinda been like, “Yeah. I’ve had a churro before.” Then last week we went to a Brazilian Festival that was basically a bunch of food tents – just our style! I wanted a pastel and a coxinha. Anderson wanted meat on a stick. When we got to the front of the line they had run out of pastels, the coxinha tasted terrible, and the line for the meat wasn’t moving at all. We were bummed. But then Anderson spotted it. The churro tent. He was excited. I was still bummed. Until (out of hungry desperation) I shared one. And I’m not kidding. It was the best thing ever. Fried, sweet, and full of warm caramel! Yum. It was so good I didn’t even get a picture. 🙂 Of course Kingston preferred the cupcakes that looked like the were purchased from the closest Publix. When will that kid learn?!? Oh well… more for us!