Adventures in Michigan

I love visiting Anderson’s brothers in Michigan. We pretty much laugh (at each other) the whole time we’re together. Some of my favorite parts of the trip were:

– Staying up waaaay past bedtime talking to my sisters-in-law and not even realizing it… until the next morning.

– Checking out the ArtPrize exhibits in Grand Rapids. We could have spent a whole week walking around and taking it all in. So much to see!

– Watching Kingston carry around his maracas for 4 days. Crazy kid.

– Hanging out with the girls at some cute boutiques and coffee shops. My favorite spots were: Found (I wanted just about everything in there), Lemonjello’s, and Uncommon Grounds.

– Running into people Anderson went to high school and college with. At home, I’m always running into people I’ve known forever, so it’s fun to see the tables turned (and hear some not-so-flattering stories).

– Experiencing fall. Fellow Floridians: It’s not an urban myth. Fall is a real thing, and it’s amazing!

– Doing a few photoshoots at Robinette’s Apple Orchard (more on that soon!) and enjoying some apple donuts and cider. Yum!

– Seeing Anderson with his brothers always makes me happy, and watching Kingston play with his cousin, Asher, is pretty great too.

We always feel sad when we leave this crazy crew, and I always say something to Anderson like, “I wish we could squeeze Michigan and Florida a little closer together.” Yes. I’m very practical.

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