3 people 12 times – october

– Yes. That is the only picture of all three of us from the entire month of October. The one up there where the lady who offered to take it was apparently blind. Lame. Oh, and this one that we took with my cell phone on our way to meet friends for dinner. The boys were too hungry to smile. 🙂

-On a much happier (and a little scary) note, Kingston has been walking for about a week now! I think we’ve sat for a total of 20 minutes since then.

-And can we all just be really honest and agree that the idea of the  Florida pumpkin patch is so much better than the actual experience? Unfortunately we don’t have fall, so visions of walking around on a crisp, cool day while drinking a hot apple cider are far from reality. Instead we sweat. This was our first family excursion to the patch near our house, and we were kind of like, “That’s it?” No one selling hot chocolate? No happy children running around in scarves and mittens? Just a bunch of stressed, sweaty moms chasing after their kids? Oh. Well now we know. At least we took some cute pictures of The King. Thank goodness, because we don’t have any others.

We have company coming from Brazil this weekend, so I need to go make sure their aren’t any visible spit-up stains on the carpet. Happy Friday!!!